Bacterial cellulose: Application as drug delivery system

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Silmara Cristina Lazarini
Wilton Rogério Lustri


Bacterial cellulose (BC) is a very interesting biopolymers to biomedical application, including drug delivery system, due to unique characteristics as such as high degree purity and of porosity, relative high permeability to liquid and gases, high holding water capacity, tensile strength and randomly oriented three-dimensional fiber network. Several authors described the use of BC membranes or copolymers to use as drug delivery system. The aim of the present mini-review was to show the wide and vantages application of the BC and its copolymers for use as controlled drug delivery system.


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Lazarini, S. C., & Lustri, W. R. (2018). Bacterial cellulose: Application as drug delivery system. International Journal of Advances in Medical Biotechnology - IJAMB, 1(2), 7-10.