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Special Edition Submission: "3D Printing for Medicine: biomaterials, processes and techniques"

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019): March-September

Special Edition Submission: "3D printing for medicine: biomaterials, processes and techniques"



I am very proud and honoured for the opportunity to organize this special edition named “3D Printing for Medicine: Biomaterials, Processes and Techniques” inside the International Journal of Advances in Medical Biotechnology (IJAMB), whose theme is a rapidly growing field in health deserving spotlight by its new scientific and technological developments oriented for society.

In this IJAMB special edition readers will find a collection with 8 interesting papers visiting topics comprehending biofabrication of skin development by 3D bioprinters; cartilage types and most recent studies towards possibilities of tissue regeneration including bioprinting use; the development of smart biomaterials usable as inteligent gels for biomedical aspects;  the electrospinning technique for building micro- and nanofibers in order to fabricate scaffolds for tissue engineering; bio-inks created for extrusion-based 3D printing of scaffolds for regenerative medicine; computational simulation of fluid flow and cells growth in scaffolds to be used as human auricular cartilage for microtia reppairing; the concept of robocasting, an additive manufacturing technique, to extrude colloidal systems to be used as bioceramic scaffolds in tissue engineering; and finally a very fresh survey concerning the current brazilian innovation system on tissue engineering and bioprinting and its perspectives taking into account entrepreneurship and innovative issues. I hope readers enjoy this selection of papers !



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