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Research Paper

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2018): October-February

Incorporation of micro/nanoparticles of Polycaprolactone with essential oil of Cymbopogon nardus in bacterial cellulose: Bacterial cellulose; Cymbopogon nardus; Nanoprecipitation Particles



Incorporation studies of particles in different substrates with herbal assets growing. The objective of this work was the preparation and characterization of micro/nanoparticles containing Cymbopogon nardus essential oil; and the incorporation of them on bacterial cellulose. For the development of the membranes was used the static culture medium and for the preparation of micro/nanoparticles was used the nanoprecipitation methodology. The incorporation of micro/nanoparticles was performed on samples of bacterial cellulose in wet and dry form. For the characterization of micro/nanoparticles were carried out analysis of SEM, zeta potential and particle size. For the verification of the incorporation of particulate matter in cellulose, analyses were conducted of SEM and FTIR. The results showed that it is possible the production and incorporation of micro/nanoparticles containing essential oil in bacterial cellulose membranes in wet form with ethanol.


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