Most of the articles in this edition were composed by the 6th event: The Workshop on Artificial Organs, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (OBI). OBI is one of two events of the Latin American Society for Biomaterials, Artificial Organs and Tissue Engineering (SLABO).

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Published: 2020-03-20

Production and characterization of membranes containing PCL and PVP obtained by simultaneous and blends electrospinning

Ana Lorena Brito Soares, João de Deus Pereira de Moraes Segundo, Marcos Akira D'Ávila, Fábia Karine Andrade, Rodrigo Silveira Vieira


Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the 3D printing in Biotechnology of tissue regeneration

Lucas Noboru Fatori Trevizan, Mayté Paredes Zaldivar, Antônio Carlos Massabni


Cell viability evaluation of vero cells viability cultured on different chitosan films: development of functional biodressings possibilities

Victor Campana Leite, Warley Wagner Pereira Filho, Enio Nazaré de Oliveira Junior, Daniela Fabrino


Fibrous PCL scaffolds as tissue substitutes

Luciana Pastena Giorno, Leonardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, Arnaldo Rodrigues Santos Junior


Finite element analysis of temporomandibular Joint: detachment of the lateral pterygoid muscle

Anita G. Mazzocco, André L. Jardini, Elifas L. Nunes, Rubens Maciel Filho